Books for Lent

For a sample of just some of the books we have available for Lent, visit Pauline Online. You can order online or visit, call or email our Pauline Book & Media Centers in San Diego or Culver City (see the “About” section of this blog for phone numbers and addresses.)

Here is one of our Lenten titles:


Approaching Easter
Lenten Reflections

By Jane Williams

Discover the mystery and depth of our redemption during the Lenten and Easter seasons. Writing in a conversational, relaxed style, Williams creates a dialogue with her readers about the meaning of these seasons. Approaching Easter incorporates lyrical prose, masterpiece art, Scripture, and inspiring quotes to highlight the beauty of this time of the liturgical year and discuss the many ways in which we can appreciate such an incredible gift.

Approaching Easter is the perfect gift book to bring the reader into prayerful and peaceful appreciation of the Lenten and Easter seasons.

An encouraging resource for rediscovering the spiritual meaning behind the traditions of the Paschal season.

About the author
Jane Williams is a freelance writer who contributes regularly to the U.K.’s Church Times. As a theologian, she has taught courses in doctrine and history at Trinity Theological College, Bristol, and is currently visiting lecturer at King’s College, London. Previous books include Approaching Christmas, Perfect Freedom, and Lectionary Reflections Years A, B and C. She is married to Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, and they have two children.

Hardcover with dust jacket / 128 pages / Dimensions: 6 ” x 8″ / ISBN: 0819807834
Retail Price: $15.95


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