Welcome to the Pauline Book and Media Centers in Culver City & San Diego, CA

Welcome to the Pauline Book and Media Centers in Culver City & San Diego, CA

This blog is to let you know about what’s happening at our Pauline Book & Media Centers in SoCal. Sometimes we may even slip in some info on what’s happening at our other Centers in the USA and Toronto (Pauline Book & Media Center Locations), too!

Our Centers in SoCal are open from 10am-6pm daily, Monday-Saturday.


San Diego

5945 Balboa Ave. (right next to See’s Candies 🙂

858– 565-9181  


Located between the I-805 and I-5 




Culver City (Los Angeles)                                                                    3908 Sepulveda Blvd                                                                          Culver City, CA 90230                                                                           310-397-8676                                                                     losangeles@pauline.org

Located between Venice Blvd. & Washington, across from the entrance to the I-405 and LAWeekly building.

Here’s some information about us and our apostolate. We hope you will visit, call, or email  soon!

About the Daughters of St. Paul:           

The unique mission of the Daughters of St. Paul is to communicate Christ using the media, also called the means of social communication: print, television, radio, music, film/DVD’s, the Internet and emerging media.

Our first sisters arrived in the USA/New York  from Italy on June 28, 1932. In the 1940’s our community began to expand; vocations joined the community and we began publishing bulletins and books. Today there are 15 Pauline Book & Media Centers in the U.S./Toronto Province and one in Toronto, Canada. Our publishing house: Pauline Books & Media is in Boston. Our novitiate is also located in Boston.

Daughters of St. Paul and the Pauline apostolate in California:

The first Pauline Book & Media Center was opened in San Diego in 1956, followed by the Bay Area in 1965 and Culver City  in 1987.

The Pauline Center for Media Studies was founded in 1995 and moved to Culver City in 2002.  The focus of the PCMS is to encourage media literacy/media mindfulness for parents, teachers, and pastoral ministers within the context of culture, education and faith formation.

Pauline Book & Media Centers carry:

Books on Scripture, theology, liturgy, Mariology, saints, religious studies/adult faith formation, spirituality, youth ministry, culture, fiction, media literacyand for children, catechetics, etc.) We also carry a fine selection of music and spoken CD’s as well as DVD’s on Catholic subjects and feature films, cards, gifts, First Communion, Confirmation.


Twenty-eight members of the Daughters of St. Paul USA/English-speaking Canada Province entered the community from Southern California. If you are intersted in dedicating your life to Christ through the communications mission of the Daughters of St. Paul, visit Daughters of St. Paul.

Today,  2600 Daughters of St. Paul  seek to live and communicate Christ  in the spirit of St. Paul  in 52 countries of the world.

Pauline Spirituality:

The spirituality of the Daughters of St. Paul is called “Pauline,” and it reflects the spiritual values and vision of Father James Alberione. In the Pauline spirituality, Father Alberione offered the Daughters of St. Paul and the other nine institutes he founded (all together called the Pauline Family), an integrated vision of Christ and the human person: “The whole Christ, Way, Truth and Life for the whole person, mind, will and heart.” The unifying center of our lives is Jesus Christ the Master who invites us to become one with him in love. In Jesus Master every human heart finds complete fulfillment.

Fr. Alberione rooted the Pauline spirituality in the life and teaching of St. Paul, the apostle who lived in intimacy with Christ and spent his energy and his life to proclaim the Good News to all peoples. St. Paul’s spirit of love for Jesus Master, of energy for the kingdom, of thanksgiving and of tireless dedication inspire every Pauline with the same sentiments.







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